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Akiyoshi Impact Breccia Japan [17438]

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The Akiyoshi impact crater was discovered in 1972 by a team of geologists from Yamaguchi University, Japan. The discovery was made during an aerial survey of the region, where the team identified circular geological formations consistent with those of impact craters. Further research and analysis confirmed that this elliptical feature was indeed an impact crater. The Akiyoshi impact crater and the Takamatsu impact event (a young 15 million years ago) are, to date, the only known impact craters for Japan.

The Akiyoshi impact crater is located in the southern part of Honshu Island, the largest of Japan's main islands. Specifically, it resides within Yamaguchi Prefecture, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Akiyoshi Plateau. However, the crater extends beneath the surface, its boundaries invisible to the naked eye. This vast geological feature is not confined to land alone but also stretches into the adjacent Seto Inland Sea. This crater's unique location further accentuates the scientific interest in the Akiyoshi crater, offering diverse perspectives on this impact event that straddles both land and sea.

The Akiyoshi limestone plateau in Yamaguchi, Japan, is home to the impressive Shuhoudo Cave and boasts the most extensive limestone blocks from the Carboniferous to Permian Periods in the Japanese islands. These limestone blocks are arranged in a unique elongated structure. These blocks were believed to be transported to their current location during a Permian-Triassic geological event. The Akiyoshi limestone blocks were formed by the collision of geosyncline and are an overturned structure. Despite its intrigue, the Akiyoshi crater limestone blocks present many unanswered questions.

The age of the Akiyoshi impact breccia is Permian-Triassic. Akiyoshi limestone blocks were strongly broken and contain materials of impact origin with significant Fe-Ni-Co and pdf's.

Size of specimen: 28mm X 21mm X 6mm, Weight: 7.26 grams. Size of disk: 1 3/4" diameter. Photo cube not included. 

This specimen ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand, and information about the Akiyoshi crater. The authenticity is guaranteed.

Buy this very rare specimen from one of the few impact craters on Earth that is located both on land and sea!

This impact breccia ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and information about the specimen.