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Here is an opportunity to obtain rare earth rocks, minerals, and impact shatter cones from our fantastic planet! We have Jack Hills zircon, Apex chert, Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt, Banded Iron, Barberton Greenstone, Acasta gneiss, Snowball Earth, and ancient komatiite.  We also sell rare minerals, meteorites, shatter cones, impact materials like K-Pg boundary clay from the dinosaur extinction, and those containing shocked quartz planar deformation features.  We also sell trinitite, precious and semi-precious elements, and rare earth rocks.  Our fine specimens even include rheniite, gold, and platinum ore. Banded iron formations are found in many places worldwide and present some of Earth's most exciting specimens. 

With these specimens, you can delve into "deep time," within the closest possible proximity to when our planet was formed - and across our planet's geological history!  

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