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Vista Alegre Polymict Impact Breccia Brazil

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This is a great hand specimen of Vista Alegre polymict impact breccia, from South America. It is a meteorite crater located in Coronel Vivida, Paraná State, Brazil. Its age is estimated to be about the same as that of Vargeão Dome, 115 Ma.

Considering the proximity of location, age, and stratigraphic similarities of both impact craters Vargeão and Vista Alegre it has been theorized that this might have been a possible double impact.

Size: 60mm L X 60mm W X 35mm D, Weight: 123.3 grams

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, information about the crater, tag and tag stand. Photo cube and specimen display base not included.

Here is a limited chance to add this great impact breccia specimen to your collection.

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