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Earth's Earliest Life

Scientists have tirelessly searched for evidence of the earliest forms of life that once inhabited our planet. One of the most fascinating discoveries from this research is the presence of Earth's oldest life in rocks. 

Select from our rare collection of specimens, each with its own story etched in stone. Our curated selection unveils Earth's ancient secrets, from the North Pole stromatolite to the enigmatic Apex chert. Dive into the depths with the black smoker hydrothermal vent chimney and marvel at the intricate Moodies crinkles microbial mats. Trace the footsteps of time through the Isua Greenstone Belt banded iron with its variations in rock types within this belt. Explore the otherworldly beauty of the white smoker hydrothermal vent. Explore the Middle Marker chert - a testament to our planet's rich history.

These types of specimens are rarely available to private collectors. Now, you have an opportunity to add them to your geology collection. Each one ships with a Certificate of Authenticity and detailed information about them.






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