North Pole Dome Stromatolite Dresser Formation [87172]

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The North Pole Dome stromatolites, Dresser Formation, Pilbara, Western Australia are among the oldest Archean age life forms on our planet. These stromatolitic microbial mat structures contain layers of quartz, barite and chalcedony formed from hydrothermal vent fluids. Scientists think that these stromatolites lived in a shallow-water, open air environment. The geology of the North Pole dome region of the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia, contains some of the best preserved and well-exposed sections of ancient Archean crust on Earth. 

Episodic fluids deposited hydrothermal vent affluents near the ancient surface. Stromatolites of this region show variations in appearance and form and are a tribute to just how abrupt, widespread, and unique this hydrothermal vent activity was. The geology of the North Pole Dome and the Pilbara region is immensly diverse. Barite lenses are abundant in the North Pole Dome succession, Pilbara. The barite percolated through sills and veins to the surface, and were an essential indicator for active tectonic processes and essential in understanding the geology and tectonics of Pilbara.  

North Pole Dome stromatolite size: 78mm L X 51mm W X 13mm D, Weight: 73.9 grams.

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