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Get our NEW "Earth's Oldest Rocks

and Oldest Life" Geologic Time Scale Poster

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What Is FREE - Earth's Oldest Rocks and Oldest Life" Poster!

We have developed a Geological Time Scale poster that is a free science gift with every order!

This poster is called "Earth's Oldest Rocks and Oldest Life" poster and it is in-color. The size is 8 1/2" X 17."

It arrives rolled in a poster sleeve, so it is not folded.

The front lists 23 photos that are a combination of the oldest rocks and life in rocks found on Earth.

The location where 10 of them are found is featured in the "In Situ Photo Gallery," on the back (enlarged) and lower front of this poster.

This poster serves as a handy quick reference informational guide to some of the rarest and most interesting rocks on our planet!