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K-Pg Boundary Chicxulub Extinction Rock Wyoming XL

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The famous "extinction rock" that marks the end of the age of the dinosaurs is called the K-Pg boundary extinction event. Various K-Pg boundary locations on Earth bear the signature of a significant Earth asteroid impact about 66 million years ago. K-Pg boundary is unique, as it contains the element iridium and is the "extinction rock" associated with the Chicxulub impact event, which heralded the end of the age of the non-avian dinosaurs.

This is a professionally created K-T or K-Pg boundary display. It is great for teaching or passing around a classroom in the Riker box. This specimen was collected at the K-Pg boundary near Newcastle, Wyoming, and is an extremely rare extra-large specimen. This K-Pg boundary has been epoxy infused for stability, otherwise the material is too fragile. Handle carefully. The pictures are of the front, back, and sides.

Display Case Size: 8 1/4" L X 6 1/4" W X 2 1/8" D.

K-Pg material size 128 mm L X 69 mm W X 34 mm D. Total Weight of K-Pg material: 375 grams. (No Trade-Ups Available! - discounted!)

Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, a large Riker box, and information about the K-Pg boundary. Plastic stand is included. Photo cube is not included. 

This display would make an excellent addition to teaching about world impacts, mass extinction, asteroid impact, acid rain, the iridium anomaly, and the dinosaur extinction event.

It would also make a benchmark specimen for studying and teaching about many aspects related to our planet's geologic history. 

Here is a fantastic opportunity to expand your asteroid or meteorite geology impacts collection with this large K-Pg display. The K-Pg boundary is essential for learning about extinction events, geologic time, climate change, impact events, meteorites and asteroids, the age of the Dinosaurs, and much more!

This is a very rare opportunity to own such a premier K-Pg boundary scientific display.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity and information about the K-Pg boundary.