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K-Pg Boundary Bjala Bulgaria [76829]

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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K-Pg boundary is the important geological material that contains an unusually high levels of the element iridium. Iridium is found much more commonly in asteroids than in earth rocks. It is associated with the end of the Age of the Dinosaurs and the Chicxulub asteroid event that occurred 66 million years ago. The dinosaur killing crater was discovered in the 1990s and is located partially offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Yucatan peninsula, nearest to the town of Chicxulub, where the crater gets it's name.

K-Pg boundary from the Chicxulub event have been found in many localities around the world, with Bjala, Bulgaria, being one of them.

Size of specimen: 19mm L X 12mm W X 6mm D, Weight: 0.76 grams.

Ships in circular disk (size 45mm diameter, shown) with tag COA and description. Photo cube not included.

Here is an opportunity to collect K-Pg boundary from one of the rarer sites.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.