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K-Pg Boundary Beloc Haiti Extinction Rock [10823]

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This rock contains microtektites from the K-Pg boundary in Beloc, Haiti. The Chicxulub asteroid impact caused worldwide devastating results that ended the reign of the non-avian dinosaurs and changed the progression of life on Earth. Abundant scientific evidence supports the origin of these remarkable formations in various parts of the world.

The Beloc Formation is an incredible rock unit in Haiti. This formation is a key to understanding the transition between the Cretaceous and Paleogene periods. Scientists consider the composite structures of the boundary bed to be the result of turbidity, ejecta, or oscillatory waves caused by the asteroid impact in water. This material contains intricate layers of altered tektites, cross-bedding, and marl with high iridium values. The rapid deposition took mere minutes, leaving this fantastic, signature geological material in its wake.

The glass particles within the Beloc Formation range in size and offer a stunning range of colors, from black to yellow. Further examination reveals shattered quartz, clay intermingled with various meteorite materials and smectite, worn opal clasts, and remnants of soot particles embedded in clay.

Size of specimen: 12mm L X 11mm W X 7mm D. Weight: 0.44 grams. This K-Pg Boundary ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, information about the Chicxulub impact tag and tag stand.

An overview of the Beloc, Haiti, K-Pg boundary layer contains soot, ash, clays, and microscopic particles.

Did you know? Haiti holds the second-largest reserves of iridium, one of the rarest metals on Earth. Even more intriguing is that this valuable resource can be linked back to a remarkable historical event. Located near the Chicxulub impact in Yucatan, Haiti's abundance of iridium directly results from the Chicxulub impact. Today, this strategic element plays a vital role in technology and contributes significantly to the Haitian economy.

Explore the fascinating connection between a historical event and Haiti's thriving economy in this captivating specimen, perfect for studying the dynamics of the K-Pg boundary.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, information about K-Pg boundary, tag and tag stand.