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Moon Rocks Earth Rocks Lunar Geology Study Set

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This is a great collection for studying the Moon and learning more about the the lunar surface and its geology. This diverse collection contains 17 unique geological specimens that best represent simulants for the rocks, minerals, volcanic glass and soils brought back to Earth from the Moon by the Apollo astronauts.

These are hard-to-find, facsimile specimens that best represent the geology of the Moon - all in one place! Did you know that there were 32 varieties of colored glass found (to date), most of them originating from the fire fountains on the Moon! That is a lot of different colored volcanic glass! Many of the specimens are rare. The four glass vials contain professionally prepared JSP simulants of lunar dust, lunar soil, and lunar volcanic variety glasses.

One of the important rocks specimens is the predominantly pristine white anorthosite. Another is the rare mineral troilite, which occurs in meteorites to varying degrees. The glass vials contain JSP simulants of 2 different types of lunar soil, and two different vials with "glasses." The dark and light facsimile soil represents the lunar highlands (light- colored, dust) and lunar maria (dark-colored soil, facsimile to the Moon's basaltic plains). One of the glass vials contains simulant glass - showing the variety of the range of colors of glass that have been found on the Moon.

The "orange soil" vial contains the analog for what Apollo 17 astronaut-geologist Harrison Schmitt discovered on the rim of Shorty crater. It is reddish-orange with black facsimile glass spherules.

Ships with detailed 11" X 17" folded information sheet and box chart with numbers coded to specimens, for easy teaching and learning. PLEASE NOTE: *Simulants means these specimens are NOT from the Moon, but are from the Earth.

All geological collections are similar to the picture, with the rock specimens varying in size and shape but being relatively the same. The box size is 11" L X 6 3/4" W X 1 1/2". The box cell sizes are: 1 3/4" X 1 3/4".

This is a great study set for geologists, teachers, universities and education outreach programs. Buy this geology rocks, minerals and glasses collection to make your classes more interesting and learn in-depth about Earth's closest neighbor, the Moon!

Ships with information sheet and numbered, keyed to specimens and box chart.