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Fossilized Carved Whalebone Mermaid Sculpture [98725]

Brand : Dreamtimes Studio

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This fossilized whalebone sculpture was carved into the shape of a beautiful mermaid, complete with detailed and intricate features depicting flowing hair and a long tail. She is shown holding onto a rock with one hand and holding a small staff in the other. This stunning carving was professionally carved by the skilled sculptor and artist Ron Stevens, from Thailand, in the 1980s.

The Gaviota coast, in California, is a popular beach and the source for finding an abundance of different types of fossil specimens. The fossilized whalebone for this mermaid carving has been dated to the Miocene. The Monterey shale formation is a sedimentary marine mudstone formed from microscopic marine organisms' remains. The shale contains an incredible abundance of organisms that perished and descended into the ocean basin adjacent to the coast.

This area would have remained underwater without the action of the San Andreas fault, which began moving about 18 million years ago. The compression and friction caused deformation and uplift of the coastal waters of California, resulting in a region that was once underwater to the surface and becoming a part of the dry land.

Size of mermaid whalebone carving: 80mm L X 55mm W X 31mm D or 3" L X 2" W X 1 1/4' D. Weight: About 3.56 ounces or 101 grams.

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity and information about the carving.

This mermaid fossilized whalebone carving makes an admired gift or decoration. This hand-crafted art sculpture from genuine fossilized whalebone looks beautiful on a tabletop or in a curio cabinet. It also helps tell of the fossil history of life from the Miocene.





This fossilized carved whalebone is Guaranteed Authentic. It was legally collect and professionally carved. It arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.