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Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Icarus" Italy

Brand : Sciencemall-USA

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This glassy fulgurite lightning sand is named "Icarus." It is one of only a few dynamic pieces of fulgurite lightning sand we have encountered from Italy. The name comes from a character from Greek mythology. Icarus was Daedalus's son, the labyrinth's creator, and a skilled craftsman.

The myth's story is about a father and son attempting to escape Crete by constructing wings made of feathers and wax. However, Icarus' father warned him not to fly too close to the Sun, which he ignored. As a result, his wings melted, and as legend has it, he drowned in the sea. The common phrase, "Don't fly too close to the Sun," originates in this Greek mythological story.

This fulgurite is beautifully shaped, heavily lined with glass on the interior, and has great sand grains embedded on the back. Its edges are layered in such a way as to resemble wing feathers. The interior is called "Black Ice Glass" because it looks like the black ice formed on the road by winter ice storms. It is a half, split open chamber and among the most exotic geological materials in the world! The melted red grains add to character to it's incredible form.

Fulgurite size: 2 5/8" H X 1 3/8" W X 1/2" D. Location found: Italy

Fulgurites are treasured around the world because they are so rare and incredible. Most disintegrate before we ever get a chance to see them. This fulgurite is A+++ and has a very dynamic shape and character.

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, 2" square clear acrylic beveled display base, tag, tag stand, and information about fulgurites. Photo cube not included. Photos are of the front and back and with description tag and photo sizing cube.

The Lore of fulgurite lightning sand promotes: Good Luck, Hope, Success, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Insight, Inspiration, Creativity, Serendipity, Renewal of Spirit, and New Beginnings.

This fulgurite "wing" would make a delightful aviation gift, awards gift, inspiration gift, and good luck gift—a lasting, super imaginative gift for birthdays, anniversaries, love, and friendship.

The alternative message of Icarus is that you can fly close to the Sun - but build better wings first.

Only one like it in the World!

This fulgurite is Guaranteed Authentic. It was legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, plexiglass base, tag, tag stand, and information about the fulgurite.