Allende Meteorite Jewelry Greek Style Necklace

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This Greek style Zalmak pendant has been custom set with this great Allende meteorite to make this large jewelry necklace.

The Allende meteorite's astrochemistry makes it one of the most talked about meteorites in the world. The small white visible calcium-aluminum inclusions, commonly called CAI's, can be discerned in this meteorite jewelry. Allende is a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite consisting of a dark matrix and an all natural sprinkling of CAI inclusions.

Allende meteorite is famous for its chemical biological signatures and is one of the most studied meteorites. The nano diamond grains present in Allende are almost entirely made out of carbon, the most important element for life on Earth, and represent the tiny fraction of material that survived the formation of the early solar system.

Pendant size: 1.75" W X 2 1/8" L (including bail) and 1/8" D. Allende meteorite size: 5/8" diameter. The back of the Allende meteorite is sealed for its protection and longevity, and the meteorite has a protectant coating on the front.

The Zalmak pendant with its unique design was crafted in Greece and imported to the USA. Zalmak has a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of magnesium, copper, and aluminum. It is popular in Europe and the Middle East, an known for it's very distinctive craftsmanship.

Shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity, an attractive jewelry box with information. The 20" 22" or 24" quality black cord chain is included, with your choice of length, with lobster claw clasps.

Buy one of the most unique necklaces on Earth, with this Zalmak Allende Meteorite jewelry! It makes very exceptional jewelry suitable for casual or evening wear, suitable for the larger framed person.

This Allende meteorite jewelry is guaranteed authentic. It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.