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Allende Meteorite Jewelry Silver Scrollwork Necklace

Brand : KennedyCoJewelry

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This meteorite jewelry contains the famous Allende meteorite. This meteorite has been hand cut and set in this attractive oxidized sterling silver Victorian scrollwork pendant necklace and accented with a black cord chain.

Meteorites are rocks from space. We chose the Allende meteorite for this setting because it is one of the most significant meteorites to have landed on our planet. It created a massive fireball and plunged through Earth's atmosphere on February 8, 1969. It shattered into fragments that rained over an area near Pueblito de Allende, Mexico. Townspeople, scientists, and explorers have been collecting it ever since.

The Allende meteorite is not known for its beauty but for its scientific value and cosmic significance. This meteorite is rich in small nano-diamonds, which are far too small to see with the naked eye. The Allende meteorite also contains Calcium Aluminum Inclusions or CAIs. These are white and are easy to see. CAIs predate the age of our solar system. They could have formed around an ancient supernova that spewed out material that eventually became incorporated into Allende at the end of its life.

It is fascinating to think about how the material in the Allende meteorite contains pre-solar material that is literally "stardust."

Size: 1" W X 1 1/2" H X 1/2" D. Arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, quality velvet jewelry box with information about the Allende meteorite. The chain has lobster claw clasps and 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches cord length choices.

Meteorites are believed to be small fragments of asteroids, broken off and ejected mainly from the asteroid belt. They are about seven hundred million years older than the oldest rocks on Earth, making them, in our brief lifetimes, “eternal.”

This is rare, quality meteorite jewelry! It makes a beautiful gift for a birthday or anniversary or for someone who enjoys learning about astronomy, geology, and chemistry and how they are interconnected.

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The only gift like it in the world!

This Allende meteorite jewelry is Guaranteed Authentic and ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.