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Vredefort Crater South Africa Melt Rock 1027

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This superb specimen of meteorite impact melt rock came from the Vredefort impact structure, which is currently one of the largest and oldest verified impact structures on Earth. It is located in South Africa.

This crater gets its named after the town of Vredefort, which is situated near its center, and from which the crater gets its name. This impact structure is about 186 miles wide, larger than the 124 miles diameter Sudbury Crater, and the 106 miles diameter "dinosaur killing" Chicxulub crater.

The age of this impact structure is estimated to be about 2 billion years, having impacted our planet during the Paleoproterozoic era. The Yarrabubba crater, in Australia, is currently the oldest impact crater - at 2.229 billion years old. It impacted the Earth when it was mostly or completely frozen, commonly called the Huronian glaciation.

Vredefort melt rock size: 57mm L X 63mm W X 8mm D; Weight: 49.50 grams.  Beautiful specimen. Many great features! Polished front and back. Crust runs around part of the edge of this specimen. 

Shipped in a protective box with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag (shown), tag stand, information about Vredefort crater. Photo cube and display base not included.

Here is an opportunity to own a piece of melt rock from one of the most impressive meteorite impact structures on Earth!

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