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Jack Hills Zircon Rock [12386] 138 grams Large

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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Zircons: Time Capsules of Earth’s History

The zircons discovered in the Jack Hills region of Australia are the oldest known minerals on Earth, dating back to 4.4 Ga. These minerals have provided invaluable insights into the early history and evolution of our planet.

Jack Hills Zircons: A Glimpse into the Past

The zircon rocks from Erawondoo Hill in Western Australia, found within the Jack Hills region, contain these ancient zircons. Formed during the Cryptic era of the Hadean eon, these zircons are highly sought after for significant geological collections due to their age and the unique window they provide into Earth’s formation.

The Robustness of Zircon Crystals

Zircon crystals are known for their incredible robustness, demonstrated by their ability to withstand aggressive deformation events. A zircon crystal can remain dormant for eons, growing new concentric layers when intermittently reheated during magmatic or tectonic events. This growth process is similar to the formation of tree rings and can be observed in spurts separated by hundreds of millions of years in geologic time. As such, the tectonic history of Earth, or even an entire continent, can be traced in a single zircon crystal grain.

About the Specimen

Size of the Jack Hills Zircon rock[12386]: 68mm L X 44mm W X 44mm D, Weight: 138.4 grams. It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, Tag, tag stand, and information about the specimen. Photo cube not included.

Significance to Collections

This beautiful Jack Hills Zircon rock would make a significant, superb addition to any serious geological collection. Zircon minerals this old are exceptionally rare on Earth.


This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.