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Whitlockite Tip Top Mine Custer South Dakota

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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Whitlockite, a fascinating mineral, has an intriguing history and unique features. Here is the story:

  1. Discovery:

    • Whitlockite was first discovered in the Tip Top Mine located in Custer County, South Dakota, USA.
    • The Tip Top Mine is renowned for its rich mineral diversity, including rare specimens like Whitlockite.
    • The mine is situated in the Black Hills, an area spanning 80 x 240 kilometers, known for its varied geological environments, including pegmatite deposits.
  2.  Tip Top Mine:

    • The Tip Top Mine, situated in the Custer Mining District, operated both surface and underground workings. The mine is currently closed and flooded, so there is no further prospecting.
    • The ore extracted from the mine included amblygonite, muscovite, and beryl.
    • Notably, the waste material primarily consisted of cleavelandite, apatite, and purpurite.

Occurrences: Terrestrial Whitlockite is found in granite pegmatites in locations like Custer County, South Dakota, as well as the Tip Top and Palermo mines. Extraterrestrial Whitlockite, now known as merrillite, has been found in lunar samples, Martian meteorites, and other meteorite types. Study of merrillite has given valuable insights into the formation of extraterrestrial rocks.

Formula: Ca9Mg(PO4)6(PO3OH)

Color: Colorless, grey-white, light pink, light yellow; colourless in transmitted light.

Lustre: Vitreous, Resinous

Hardness: 5
Specific Gravity: 3.12
Crystal System: Trigonal
Collection: Jensan Scientifics Collection
Size: 5 X 3.3 X 3.4 cm - Miniature
Photos: front, side, upclose 20X Canon lens MP-E 65mm 
This quality whitlockite ships with tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity.


This quality whitlockite ships with tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity.