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Vredefort Impact Crater Large 953g Bookend

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Vredefort impact structure is one of the most interesting impact craters on Earth. Not only is it the second oldest impact crater on Earth, but also the largest.

This Vredefort melt rock is a very rare find, as it is both a terrific display specimen and can also function as a bookend. The base is flat, the face is polished and the back is rough. This showpiece melt rock specimen shows all the attributes to make it a terrific addition to any serious geological collection.

Size: 152 mm H X 143mm W X 45mm D. Weight: 953.4 g or 2.1 lb.

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and information about the Vredefort impact structure. Photo cube not included.

Very few of these around, so if you want it now is the time as we only have the one.

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