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Authentic RMS Titanic Coal 14k Gold Jewelry Pendant Necklace

Brand : KennedyCoJewelry

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The only saleable memorabilia from the legendary RMS Titanic is Titanic coal. This historic shipwreck coal has been hand wire wrapped in 14k gold and accented with a real pearl.

This coal was recovered from under 12,000 feet of icy North Atlantic water. It has been stabilized with crystal-clear, high-grade jeweler's epoxy, which strengthens it.

Size: About 2 1/4" L X 7/8" W X 1/4" D" ; Chain not included.

A Certificate of Origin and a Certificate of Authenticity, accompany this beautiful jewelry. Information about the Titanic and quality jewelry box are all included.

This is the exact pendant for sale. Only 1 made.

Details about the RMS Titanic Coal memorabilia: This coal was recovered from the sunken RMS Titanic. This Titanic coal was sold by RMS Titanic, Inc., and recovered during the 1994 Titanic Research and Recovery Expedition.

This is definitely the gift remembered for a lifetime!
This Titanic Coal jewelry is guaranteed authentic. It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.