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Large 3-D Stromatolite Chlorellopsis coloniata 15 lb

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Only a few stromatolites have a superb 3-D attribute like this terrific Chlorellopsis coloniata from the Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming.

This specimen has experienced complex natural forces to reveal a unique interior morphology.  The innermost region was naturally weathered and dissolved out. This sometimes happens when there are different degrees of silicification and dissolution (weathering) of its structure.  This specimen exhibits a 'cast'-like internal structure, where the stromatolite's parts have resisted silicification and dissolution. Rarely do you see a stromatolite revealing both dynamic internal and external structures in one specimen.

Stromatolites are a form of ancient microbial life composed primarily of cyanobacteria. Some of them date back to some of the oldest geological times in Earth's history. Stromatolites, also called microbial mats, are typically formed in shallow water. Their growth depended on the tides and the layering of cyanobacteria, a single-celled, photosynthesizing microbe layer upon layer. Ultimately these layers often formed interesting and beautiful domal-type features.

Stromatolites were large oxygen producers and were likely a significant source of atmospheric oxygen (Great Oxygenation Event), eventually contributing to more complex life.

Size: 26cm L X 20cm W X 16.5cm D. Weight: 15.1 lb; Stand and photo cube not included.

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, information about stromatolites, tag, and tag stand. 

This is the only one available and would make an excellent addition to any collection specializing in museum-grade geological specimens. Free shipping in the USA.


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