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Siberian Traps Basalt

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The Siberian Traps - Geologic Time and Region
The Siberian Trap, a distinctive region of volcanic rock, is situated in Siberia, Russia. The colossal eruptive event that birthed these traps stands as one of the most remarkable volcanic events in the past 500 million years. These eruptions, spanning the Permian - Triassic boundary, which occurred about 250 million years ago, continued for approximately two million years.

The Siberian Traps Linked to Extinction Events
The Siberian Traps, believed to be the primary catalyst of the Permian -Triassic extinction event, has left an indelible mark on the geologic record. The Permian-Triassic extinction is also referred to as “The Great Dying” and is the greatest extinction event in the entire history of the Earth. This catastrophic event occurred approximately 252 million years ago and had a profound impact on life. During this period, an astonishing 95% of marine species vanished from our planet.

These traps have been associated with numerous periods of activity linking them to a series of different species extinction events.

Siberian Traps - Influencing Climate Change
The eruptions could have basically “cooked” the rocks, releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases and toxic metals into Earth's atmosphere. Scientists speculate that the pH of the acid rain was probably on a par to undiluted lemon juice. Many potential causes have been named in the environmental catastrophe at the end of Permian, including the Siberian Traps, meteorite/comet impacts, climate change, tectonic movement and the breakup of a supercontinent, and changing sea levels.

Specimen size: 62mm X 39mm X 28, Weight: 51 grams. Location: Noril'sk Region, Russia. Legally obtained from a scientific institution. Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand and information about the Siberian Traps. 

Here is a rare opportunity to get a volcanic rock from the Siberian Traps, Russia!

Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand and information about the Siberian Traps.