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Shatter Cones & K-Pg

Sciencemall-usa is an online science mall store that features shatter cones, impact material and K-T, K-Pg boundary clay. These geological specimens are found at world meteorite, asteroid, and comet impact sites. So far the Earth Impact Database lists 190 confirmed impact sites. Evidence for these impact sites varies. Some are found with shatter cones, others are not. Some impact sites have only the evidence of planar deformation features (pdf's) or stressed and deformed shocked quartz. Of these impact sites some are confirmed, others are suspected.

We sell professionally collected: shatter cones, impact material, tektites, microtektites, high pressure/temperature minerals, and K-T or K-Pg boundary clay. If you are fascinated by Earth's geological past and enjoy adding to your personal collection of interesting geological rocks, minerals and related materials, you will find an interesting assortment of specimens to add to your collection.

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