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Reticulite - Lightest Rock on Earth

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Reticulite is an extremely vesiculated variety of pumice that develops from high volcanic fiery fountains that are ejected into the air during an eruption. Reticulite travels higher than pumice and consists of a threaded, almost weaved network of glass threads spun together at multiple points, forming a polyhedral type lattice. It does not float like pumice, however, because it's structure is so open that it causes the latticework to fill up and sink.

The words reticulated habit, in geology, means a network of slender crystals held at a point. The incredible and intricate structure of reticulite and the manner in which it is formed makes it one of the most interesting rocks in the world. Small but mighty, this curiosity of nature makes a great addition to a scientific collection.

Size of specimen: 27mm L X 20mm W X 14mm D; Ships in a protective case with information, mineral tack, and authenticity, on the label. Tag and tag stand included. Photo cube, acrylic and plastic riser not included. Handle with care: fragile.

Add one of Earth's most unique and rare volcanic rocks, from the Big Island of Hawaii, to your unique geological collection today.

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