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The Periodic Table of the Elements for Science Geeks - Poster

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This colorful "The Periodic Table of the Elements for Science Geeks" poster was created for the science enthusiast, teachers, schools and individuals interested in learning more about the world and the universe.

Each element on the periodic table is linked to its chemical symbols with categories such as scientific inventions, concepts, theories, and explorations. The topics include astronomy, biology, geology, physics, archaeology, paleontology, computer science, math and science, and inventions. 

Some of the original concepts for the periodic table have been kept. The element name is included, along with its weight and chemical symbol.

Size: 26.5" W X 38" L, Single-side Laminate, Poster Copyright 2014. Updated info sheet Copyright 2022. Still a classic!

Researched, produced and developed by Jensan Scientifics LLC. Ships with a single, double-sided information sheet.

Great information for polymaths! A really imaginative gift for the science geek in your life!