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Periodic Table Elements Collection Grand Tour - Revised 2024

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This is the Grand Tour of the Periodic Table of the chemical elements in the Minerals collection, totally revised and current for 2024. This periodic table of the different elements collection is the closest you will get to the periodic table of the chemical elements outside a lab, with the different element specimens represented by different minerals.

The chemical elements are presented colorfully and in an engaging way to help make learning and teaching about the periodic table elements, daily application, symbols, and chemistry in a much more straightforward way. The current element names on the periodic table are up to date, and so is the information.

This scientific collection contains 60 specimens representing the chemical elements and symbols, all keyed to a chart for easy identification. They are in 4 boxes of 15 cells each. The specimens have the element highlighted and are keyed to a chart inside the box lid. Many minerals are rare, others scarce, and some are crystals. If you were to buy these individually, you would spend well over $1800, and some minerals are so rare you might not find them at all.

This periodic table of the different elements collection includes a 200-page+ up-to-date Teacher's Guide, student hand-out sheets, event questions and answers, and an 11 X 17 inch folded and laminated guide to the Periodic Table of the Elements, keyed to the elements and chemical symbols. This 2024 edition is spiral bound.

Note: Many specimens are contained in 1" perky boxes that are fixed in these boxes with mineral tack. They are not glued in, unless in some instances they are very toxic and labelled such. All specimens are numbered and keyed to the box chart. 

Of the 60 specimens in this Periodic Table of the Elements collection, 78 elements are represented from the Periodic Table. The remaining you need a special laboratory to produce because they are synthetically-produced elements, and their half-life is too short for representation.

The toxic chemical elements are clearly labeled and contained in snap-top containers for safety.

This is a fantastic teaching tool for use in the classroom or as your own personal geology collection. This collection is ideal for studying chemistry, biology, earth science, physics, mineralogy, chemical elements, crystal structure, chemical symbols, the different minerals, and more!

This mineral collection can also be used for teaching about the eight most abundant elements, common rock-forming minerals, particular elements, and even strategic rare elements of industry.

This earth science periodic table classic will be relevant for generations of learning and teaching!

You can get this fantastic classroom classic today.

We do ship internationally.

Notice: Jensan Scientifics LLC is in no way liable for the mishandling of any of the rocks or minerals, either by tasting, smelling, rubbing into the skin, or any other means of possible ingestion. The materials in this product are not sold for consumption, medicinal, pharmaceutical, or topical purposes. They are sold only for educational teaching and research purposes for use under proper and educated supervision.

All specimens in this periodic table elements collection are guaranteed authentic.

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