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Pegasus Flying Horse Sterling Silver Jewelry [87498] Fly With Me

Brand : KennedyCoJewelry

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This sterling silver Pegasus jewelry necklace, hand cast with an image of a flying horse, is the perfect gift for the athlete, pilot, inventor, or visionary in your life! On the back is inscribed "FLY WITH ME." 

Pegasus, also known as the winged horse, is one of the most recognizable creatures from Greek mythology. With his graceful wings and majestic appearance, Pegasus has inspired many stories and works of art. 

In Greek mythology, Pegasus quickly became a symbol of strength, speed, and agility. He was often depicted as a loyal companion and mount for heroes on their quests.

Pegasus continues to be a beloved figure in modern times, appearing in various forms of media such as books, movies, and video games. His image can also be found on logos and emblems, representing grace, freedom, and determination.

With his iconic wings and powerful presence, Pegasus remains a symbol of strength and inspiration.

Size: 1 1/2" W X 1 1/8" L X 1/8" D. This pendant is accompanied by your choice of length of stainless steel chain with a lobster claw clasp. Chain length choices: 20", 22" and 24".

This unique necklace arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity and an attractive jewelry box.

Enjoy this rare find and give it as a holiday gift or just for yourself!

Only 1.

This jewelry ships with your choice of length of chain, Certificate of Authenticity and an attractive jewelry box.