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Large Buffalo Jump Paleolithic Spearhead Wyoming

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This very large paleolithic spearhead was made by ancient hunters out of stromatolitic chert. This material is found in abundance throughout much of the area of Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

This superb spearhead was discovered at the base of a large cliff near an ancient campfire site on private land near Delaney Rim, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. There are many indications that suggest that the cliff served as a make-shift ancient hunters "buffalo jump."

Buffalo jumps were used by both roaming and indigenous peoples of the plains. The hunters would drive the buffalo skillfully down carefully planned "lanes," which directed them to a high cliff (usually 35 ft or more). Stampeding at a full gallop, the buffalo would blindly plunge off the cliff as the weight of the herd pressed upon them from behind. They would then be impaled by the rocks below, breaking their bones and rendering them immobile. The buffalo carcasses would then be processed at camps strategically situated within proximity to these jumps." These and similar sites were used throughout history at various cliff locations around the world.

The age dating of this spearhead was largely determined by the age of associated artifacts found in the area and age dates from similar campfire charcoals. This spearhead is dated to around 6500 BC.

Size: Approximately 120mm L (4.75") X 53mm W (2 1/8") X 25mm D (1 1/4"); Wt: 150 grams

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, information and tag. Stands and cube not included. Very rare superb specimen. No restorations. Complete. Legally collected on private land.

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