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Oldowan Paleolithic Tool Cantabria Spain (smu1677)

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This Oldowan primitive paleolithic tool is from the Cantabria region, Spain. It is 1.9 mya and is characteristic of the Oldowan industry. The presence of the Oldowan technological complex has been confirmed in this area and dates back to more than a million years.

These types of tools have been found in many parts of the Iberian peninsula. This tool is similar to the ones found in Tanzania, Africa. The Cantabria region is famous for the Altimira Cave, which contains prehistoric cave art of animals.

This tool demonstrates a single sharp pointed edge with a conchoidal fracture possibly on both sides. It has considered to be a flake with a pointed sharp edge and fits comfortably in the hand. The wear marks and appearance suggest that it could have been used for removing hide or lightning chopping or digging.

It is interesting to note the "handedness" for left or right hand use of this tool. It has been found that the right hand use works best. This Oldowan tool fits comfortably in the right hand with the round edge and the thumb fitting in your palm with an easy, yet powerful grip. 

Age Range: Oldowan; ~1.9 mya

Size: 100mm L X 65mm W X 16mm; Weight: 96 grams

This fine Oldowan paleolithic tool is definitely "hands touching hands" through history.

Obtained in a scientific trade with a scientific institution. One of the earliest stone tools.

Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, information and tag. Stands or photo cubes not included.

This is a great paleolithic tool to add to any significant archaeological collection.

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