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Wild Cosmos Campo del Cielo Meteorite Jewelry

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This "Wild Cosmos" meteorite jewelry is made with an iron space rock and is the perfect gift for any occasion. Creatively hand wire wrapped in an open cosmic design, it is available in either 925 sterling silver or 316L stainless steel (same price).

The meteorite is called Campo del Cielo, which means "Field of the Sky." Legendary yet also beautiful, this meteorite jewelry is perfect for special occasions or casual wear.

Whether you chose 925 sterling silver or hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel wire, you get to chose your matching chain length: 18, 20, 22 inches. All lengths already included in the same price.

Size: 1 3/8" L X 3/4" W X 1/2" D, Weight: 5-10 grams; Location found: Argentina

About Campo del Cielo: The crater field for these meteorites covers a large area and is estimated to be about 5,000 years old. The craters containing iron masses were reported in 1576, but were already well known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. The Spanish translation of Campo del Cielo means "Field of the Sky," based on Indian legends that a mass of rocks had rained down on the Earth from above.

Meteorites are believed to be small fragments of asteroids, broken off and ejected mainly from the asteroid belt. They are about seven hundred million years older than the oldest rocks on Earth, making them, in our brief lifetimes “eternal.”

Metaphysical lore: Meteorites bring energy from the universe. They ground creative and emotional energies. They help us to focus on our purpose on this planet. They are thought to encourage endurance, stamina and introspection.

Shipped in an attractive black velvet jewelry box with information and Certificate of Authenticity. ALL SIMILAR, yet different.

Popular, vintage Explorer's Gift wrap available with messaging available.

Buy this meteorite jewelry that is suitable as a gift for any special occasion, for men or women.

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