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Mesolithic Tool Chopper Barberton South Africa

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This authentic Mesolithic chopper is about 71 ka. It was found at a hunting site at a mountain pass in the Barberton Makhonjwa Mountains, South Africa. It has been expertly dated to the Mesolithic, the Middle Stone Age. This arrowhead was legally acquired, and the provenance is guaranteed. It is a terrific specimen from a rare and geologically diverse world location. 

The Mesolithic is frequently overlooked as a crucial time in human history. Yet, this was a time when early Mesolithic hunters of “Big Game” in Southern Africa transitioned to a lifestyle that was more sedentary with the development of more advanced stone tools. The Mesolithic, also known as the Middle Stone Age, is a period in human history between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.

The Mesolithic Middle Stone Age is typically placed within the Paleolithic time frame, spanning approximately 2.6 million years to around 12,000 years. However, geographically speaking, some regions and cultures worldwide may have entered these human history time divisions earlier or later than others.

The Early Stone Age was when humans first produced stone tools. Their lifestyle was primarily nomadic, reliant on hunting large animals and foraging. It is important to understand the differences between the early, middle, and late Stone Ages.

The Middle Stone Age, or Mesolithic, witnessed a refinement in tool production and a gradual transition towards a more settled lifestyle. Hallmarks of this period are a shift towards more agricultural practices, the rise of permanent settlements, a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and the development of smaller, more sophisticated lithic tools and weapons. The latter replaced the heavy-chipped equivalents typical of the Paleolithic and early Stone Age.

Size of specimen: 90mm L X 68mm W X 22mm D. This Mesolithic stone tool is made of black chert. It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand, and information about the specimen and the Mesolithic Stone Age. Plexiglass riser and sizing cube not included. This specimen was legally collected.

Here is a rare opportunity to add this exemplary, authentic Mesolithic chopper from a mountain pass hunting site, Barberton Makhonjwa mountains, South Africa, to your collection! Only 1.

Guaranteed provenance. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tags, tag stand, and information about the Mesolithic.