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Mayan Altar Archaeology Reproduction Art Bookend

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This is an extremely well done Mayan altar archaeological bas-relief reproduction bookend. The head is a small scale reproduction of one of the four supports of Altar 4. The original was done Ca. A.D. 790, Piedras Negras, Guatemala, Yucatan; L-27-200.

The head is decorated with symbols of rain and clouds, and probably represents one of the four chacs - the serpent spirits that bring rain and wind from the four directions. Modern Maya still offer food and drink to the four "chacs" at planting time. The tiny glyph panels on the head may be names, since they begin with the head of the leaf-nosed bat, which is also found inscribed on human figures in other sculpture.

Professionally done, hand cast in resin. Originally done for a museum. Hand painted.

Altar bas-relief Size: 5" W x 7" H x 4" D; Bookend size: 5.5" W x 8" H x 4.75" D

Ships with information card. Very unique. Only 1.

A truly fascinating addition to any library or study!

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