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Marble Bar Meteorite Impact Spherule Bed Pilbara Australia

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This Marble Bar Archean asteroid impact spherule ejecta material is from Pilbara, Western Australia. Significant meteorite and asteroid impacts pelted the early Earth during the Archean. The rock record contains various impact ejecta units from the bombardments. These units represent the last vestiges of the late heavy bombardment (LHB) that pummeled Earth with meteorite and asteroid impacts.

Impact ejecta and fallout units are the primary evidence for impacts. They are often associated with unconformities, banded iron formations, major faulting, erosion, and depositional features. This specimen is from a significant chapter in Earth's early history when the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia experienced hypervelocity impacts. The primary evidence comes from spherule beds containing microtektites and microkrystite spherules, iridium anomalies, nickel-rich minerals, and proof of tsunami-induced hydromechanics.

Size of specimen: 63mmL X 35mm W X 33mm D; Wt: 79.9 grams; front face is polished smooth.

Ships with tag, tag stand, information, and Certificate of Authenticity. Plexiglass base and tag stand are not included.

Age date: 3.47 - 2.63 Ga, Duffer Formation, Marble Bar Chert Member (MBCM), Pilbara, Western Australia.

Contents: Impact spherules intermixed with chert fragments, multiple lenses, and iron-rich spherules with secondary siderite.  Spherule rims contain high nickel abundance. The matrix is primarily arenite with spherule lenses within bedded chert. The ejecta has experienced tsunami action with fragmentation. The iridium is a high two ppb, consistent with other world impact ejecta fallout units.

This is an extremely limited opportunity to add meteorite impact ejecta from Pilbara, Western Australia, to your geological collection.



This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.