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Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

We sell extinct fossil Mammoth ivory jewelry pendants and necklaces. They have been professionally wire wrapped in sterling silver or 14k gold, suitable for casual or evening wear.

Extinct woolly mammoths have laid buried in the snows of Alaska and other northern territories for over 50,000 years. The yearly melting of the snow and the natural process of mineral replacement have given woolly mammoth tusks a beautiful ivory color. The ivory for this jewelry was unearthed by Eskimos and carved by a master carver into various forms.

Buy the gift of mammoth ivory for an anniversary, birthday, or "just because." This heirloom jewelry will be a keepsake for generations!

Notice: We do not ship Mammoth Ivory to the states of: California, New York state, New Jersey, Illinois, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, or Hawaii - due to laws implemented for those states banning any ivory sales, including fossil ivory.

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