Libyan Glass Sunburst Tektite Jewelry Sterling 6 Carats

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This Libyan desert glass jewelry necklace is shaped like a sunburst. The focal stone setting is a professionally cut and polished Libyan glass gemstone set in 925 sterling silver.

Libyan glass is one of the rarest natural glasses in the world. Its beautiful natural yellow color was created by the searing heat of a meteorite airblast in the Libyan desert region, fusing and coalescing grains into various forms. The sky rained yellow tektite droplets for about 20 minutes before the "glass storm" stopped 29 million years ago.

We have fashioned one of these beautiful, froth-like yellow gemstone droplets into this fine cosmic jewelry. Sought after by Bedouins and explorers since ancient times, this tektite glass is now considered a collectible among meteorite enthusiasts and those interested in impact glass.

Pendant size: 1 1/2" diameter. Weight: 6.2 carats. The Libyan Desert Glass cabochon is 12mm, about 1/2" W. Your choice of length of black cord chain with lobster claw clasps: 18, 20, or 22 inches included and shipped in an attractive jewelry box, with information and a Certificate of Authenticity. Two made. Both similar.

If you enjoy sunburst or starburst-shaped jewelry, you will love this unique custom-made jewelry!

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity