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Libyan Glass Tektite Comet Shaped Jewelry 6.65 Carat

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Libyan glass tektites make some of the most interesting jewelry in the world. This cabochon necklace jewelry is comet shaped and made with 925 sterling silver. The setting is accompanied with a matching sterling silver chain with your choice of length, included.

This 29 million year old glass has been the focus for collectors and jewelry aficionados alike for many years. Tektites are believed to have been created when either a space rock (meteorite or comet) exploded above the ground as an airburst - or by an impact striking the Earth and causing material to be ejected skywards. The cosmic "droplets" that rained down after the event came to be known as tektites.

Libyan Desert glass tektites make splendid jewelry because their straw color of yellow. Also, there are the occasional visible remnants of trapped meteorite material, bubbles or even sand grains associated with this type of tektite.

Size of pendant: 1 7/8" L X 1 1/8" W X 3/16" D, Libyan gemstone weight: 6.65 carat.

Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, Information about Libyan tektite glass, quality jewelry box and your choice of length of 925 sterling silver chain included: 18" 20" 22".

Libyan tektite glass makes some of the most interesting and imaginative creative jewelry in the world. It is certain to be remembered as a very special gift.

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