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Lappajärvi Meteorite Impact Suevite

Brand : Sciencemall-USA

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This suevite from the Lappajarvi meteorite impact structure, Finland, is grade A+quality and is very colorful on both the front and the back. The Lappajarvi Impact structure is largely intact and well-preserved. It shows an interesting assortment of varying shapes and sized rocks. This older impact structure dates to about 77 Ma and is one of Finland's 12 impact craters.

Size of suevite: 57mm L X 50mm W X 28mm D, Weight: 79 grams.

Ships with a protective case, tag and tag stand, Certificate of Authenticity, and information about the Lappajarvi Impact Structure.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.