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Kentland Indiana Shatter Cone [75092] 3.56 lb

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The geological significance of the Kentland crater lies in its excellent preservation of shatter cones, a rare geological feature often associated with the aftermath of impact events. Shatter cones form under intense pressure and high velocities from an impactor. They have a distinct conical shape and display horsetail-like striations.

At the Kentland site, these shatter cones provide valuable insights into the dynamics of meteorite impacts, including the direction of impact and the forces involved. This makes the Kentland crater an invaluable site for studying and understanding the Earth's geological history and the role of meteorite impacts in shaping our planet's landscape.

Size of Kentland shatter cone: 225mm L X 135mm W X 42mm D, Weight: 3.56 lb or 1613 grams. Ships with tag, tag stand, and information about the Kentland crater. Photo cube not included.

Note: Well-defined horse tails and white color on this terrific specimen!

Here is a great opportunity to add a budget Kentland shatter cone to your geological collection.

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This Kentland Indiana shatter cone ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, information about the Kentland impact crater, tag and tag stand.