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Hoba Meteorite Shale [12687] 1.6 gr

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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The Hoba meteorite is the largest known meteorite on Earth, and it was discovered in 1920 in Namibia, Africa. It is estimated to have fallen on Earth approximately 80,000 years ago. The unique feature about this meteorite is that it did not impact the ground at a high velocity like most other meteorites do. Instead, it had a low glide path through the Earth's atmosphere and had a rather "soft-field" landing, by meteoritic standards.

The Hoba meteorite is made primarily of iron, with small amounts of nickel and other trace elements. Its chemical composition closely resembles other stony-iron meteorites called octahedrites, which are composed of around 90% iron and 8-12% nickel. However, its incredible size and weight set the Hoba meteorite apart. It weighs over 60 tons and measures about three meters long, three meters wide, and one meter thick. Scientists have determined that the meteorite originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It most likely broke off from a larger asteroid due to a collision, traveled through space for millions of years before impacting Earth.

The discovery of the Hoba meteorite was accidental, as it was found by a farmer plowing his field. At first, he thought the dark object sticking out of the ground was a tree stump, but he realized it was much more extraordinary upon closer inspection. 

Today, the Hoba meteorite is an important scientific research subject for scientists studying the formation of our solar system and the composition of asteroids. It also holds cultural significance for the local community, as it is seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. The meteorite continues to fascinate and captivate people worldwide, making it one of Africa's most significant natural wonders. Its discovery has shed light on the mysteries of our universe and serves as a reminder of how vast and wondrous it truly is.

This Hoba meteorite shale was purchased from Fernlea, in 2006. Size: 9mm X 4mm X 2mm. Weight: 0.2 grams.

Disk size: 1 1/4" diameter X 5/8".

Ships with original tags (pictured-copied) and our COA, information about the Hoba meteorite, tag and tag stand.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to get Hoba meteorite shale. Last one!

Ships with original tags (pictured) and COA, information about the Hoba meteorite, tag and tag stand.