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Gunflint Chert Stromatolite Canada Pyrite Band

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Stromatolites are cyanobacteria algae mats that contributed oxygen to Earth's early atmosphere. This specimen is from the Gunflint Formation, a Paleoproterozoic chemical-clastic sedimentary assemblage outcropping to the immediate northwest of Lake Superior that became famous, in 1954, for containing the oldest fossil assemblage known at that time.

Older microfossils have since been discovered, but the Gunflint prokaryotes remain one of the most diverse paleo-proterozoic fossil communities. Scientists think the Earth's rotational rate during this era resulted in 20-hour days ~1.8 billion years ago, implying a total of about 450 days to a year!

The wavy laminae seen here represents a facet of the early history of life on Earth. Location: Gunflint Formation, Schreiber, Ontario, Canada (outside of the nature preserve), circa 1963.

Size: 37mm L X 36mm W X 9mm D. The front has a polished finish with great pyritized bands across one lower side. The back is unfinished. 

Ships with tag, tag stand, Certificate of Authenticity, and information about the Gunflint Stromatolite formation. The acrylic base and photo cube are not included.

Add this rare pyritized Gunflint chert stromatolite with pyritized bands to your ancient life on Earth collection today.

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