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Trinitite Green Black Atomic Glass [7897] 1.35 gm

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This trinitite nuclear glass is green and black. Trinitite is the "blast glass" or atomic glass residue left on the desert floor after the Trinitity nuclear test. The Trinity site is where the 1st atomic bomb was tested on July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Trinitite is also known as Atomite or Alamogordo Glass. 

This trinitite specimen is green and black. Size of the specimen: 20mm X 15mm X 6mm D, Weight: 1.35 grams. XRF included. Our trinitite was legally collected in 1948. The photos are of the front, back and description tag.

Several different types of Trinitite have been identified. Green is the most common form. Black and red contain iron from the tower structure. Red contains copper from the 'gadget' itself or the communications cables leading away from the site. Trinitite can have iron mixed in it because the tower that held the bomb was made of steel. (Steel is an alloy consisting primarily of iron). Also, "Jumbo" - the steel canister that contained the "device" was held from a detonating tower. The official environment in which the trinitite was created consisted of sand, copper, iron/ steel, and whatever indigenous minerals were in the ground at the time of the atomic test.

Notice: All of our Trinitite has been tested as being authentic. Orders are shipped in compliance with Section 13 from part 40 of the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules and regulations and Postal Service regulations specified in 49 CFR 173.421 for activity limits of low-level radioactive materials. We ship all items per Postal Service activity limits set in Publication 52. The sale of the trinitite complies with all U.S. Federal regulations. 

This material is strictly for educational and scientific purposes only. Do NOT inhale, ingest, or wear as/in jewelry.

Ships in a plastic display disc with information, tag, tag stand, Certificate of Authenticity and XRF. Acrylic base, and photo cube are not included but are readily available on Amazon.

Add a great specimen from probably the most important event in human history, atomic glass, to your geology collection today.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, information about trinitite, tag, tag stand and XRF.