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Germanite Mineral - Chemical Element for Germanium

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This is a superb germanite specimen from Namibia, Africa. The element germanium is not abundant in the Earth's crust, and when it is found, it is mixed with other elements. The name Germanium comes from the word "Germania," which means Germany. There are 37 valid mineral species that contain essential germanium. Germanium is at risk as a world resource due to its scarcity.

This rare mineral is a rare copper iron germanium sulfide mineral.

Size: 46mm L X 39mm W X 33mm D

Ships with: tag, tag stand, and COA. The acrylic square riser and photo cube not included.

Not only is this germanite specimen a rare find, but it also has practical uses. It can be a valuable addition to your periodic table of elements in your mineral collection, or it can fill a gap for Germanium. Consider it as part of an element's display collection when purchasing the 'Grand Tour Collection,' also available on our website.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.