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Fulgurite White Ice Glass Sculpture [287412]

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This authentic fulgurite lightning sand has a bright white, very glassy interior. It is the very rare white type with a twinge of mottled gray at the top. The front of this fulgurite is missing, revealing a very distinct, glass-lined chamber. It is an amazing glass fulgurite lightning sand sculpture, and we named it "White Ice."

Fulgurites, or lightning sand glass, are a rare and fascinating geological creation, most often found in beach regions of the world. Their structure and shape often cause them to be called petrified lightning. Fulgurites take the shape of glass lined hollow tubes created when lightning strikes the ground with incredible force, shooting out a surge of electricity through sand or soil and leaving hollow glass-like tubes in its wake.

Fulgurites can vary significantly in size and shape, depending on the environment they form. Some fulgurite tubes are as thin as a strand of human hair, while others may be several feet long. The sculpture and shape that fulgurites are composed of depend on the mineral content and color of the soil or sand.

Fulgurites can range from just a few inches to several feet long. Fulgurite can be found worldwide, from the beaches of Florida, Italy, Tasmania, Venezuela, and New Zealand, to many other places on Earth. Although fulgurites are often found by those who know what to look for, finding one is still rare.

Size of fulgurite: 2 1/4" L X 1 inch W X 3/8' D. Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, black suspension box, plexiglass base with jewelry's tack, and information about fulgurites. Photo cube not included. Color: Interior glass is white with light sprinklings of tiny black melted sand grains. The back has lobes of orange sprinkled glass with tiny orange and black grains and is primarily off-white. LAST ONE THIS SIZE.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand Promotes: love, hope, good luck, success, serendipity, creativity, insight, motivation, enthusiasm, renewal of spirit, and a great attitude for new beginnings.

The actual "Sweet Home, Alabama" authentic fulgurite lighting sand!

Beautiful "Explorer's Map" gift wrap available for gift wrap.

Fulgurites are a marvel of nature, a testament to lightning's immense power and beauty. They remind us of how powerful forces can shape the world around us in ways we never expected. They are incredibly unique geological creations!

This one is extraordinary and would make a great birthday, anniversary, encouragement, inspiration, and Mother's Day gift.
It is a unique gift for a lifetime!

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