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Fulgurite "Spider Web" Glass New Zealand

Brand : Sciencemall-USA

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This beautiful fulgurite is very white with small sprinklings of black and looks very much like a spider's web. This fulgurite glass makes dynamic table art and a tremendous collectible glass sculpture treat! Fulgurites this white with a net-looking appearance are exceedingly rare, as most do not survive long to be found. 

Created by a lightning bolt with temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun, this fulgurite would make a distinctive birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. It is also enjoyed by those who are fascinated by rare collectible glass and people looking for natural glass sculptures.

Size: 3 3/8 L X 3/8" W X 3/8" D; Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and the base shown in the photos. Information about fulgurite lightning sand and a protective box are included. The photo cube is not included. This fulgurite video is shown on a lighted base (not included) but easily available on Amazon.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand Promote Good Luck, Success, Insight, Serendipity, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Hope, Renewal of Spirits, and New Beginnings.

The real stuff of movies and legends, such as "Sweet Home, Alabama."

With its exotic all-natural features, this fulgurite makes a great birthday gift, entrepreneur gift, or Welcome Home table art!


This fulgurite is Guaranteed Authentic. It was legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand, description tag and information about fulgurites.