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Large Fulgurite Glass Tube - Oracle

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This large fulgurite is called Oracle, as its wispy features resembles a hooded creature like the historical representations of the Oracle of Delphi. The high priestess, Pythia, is often portrayed as a hooded figure and the form of this fulgurite resembles an imaginative likeness to her.

Size: 2 3/4" Long, 1" Wide, 1 1/4" D; Location found: Florida; Colors: white to variations of mottled gray sand grains with glass interior.

Delicate all-natural glass sculpture created by the brief stroke of a billion-volt lightning bolt, hotter than the surface of the Sun!

Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity, information about fulgurite, protective case, tag, tag stand and acrylic base with adjustable artist tack, for positioning.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Hope, Success, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Insight, Inspiration, Serendipity, Creativity, Renewal of Spirit and New Beginnings.

This fulgurite makes a great gift, or a specialty item to decorate an office, library or window bay area. It can also serve as a gift of inspiration, love, or glass collectible.

Quite possibly one of the most interesting gifts in a lifetime!

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