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Fulgurite Lightning Sand - YETI Tasmania [5355]

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This fulgurite lightning sand is named “Yeti.” It has a novel, all-natural shape and a fascinating multi-colored exterior, with sand grain colors ranging from gray, white, orange, and black. Its bushy attributes and glass-lined chamber make it appear like a "Yeti" snowman running. The spectacular look and superb detail make this lightning sand glass tube one of the best!

Even though lighting sand glass tubes are created similarly, not all glass tubes are created equal. Some are dingy and unsuited as great display specimens, destined to be only vaguely remembered collector's pieces. Others are engaging works of art and nature at its best and in a very special class of their own.

Bushy prominences and solid, once-molten glass make them spectacular gifts for the high achiever, entrepreneur, romantic, and glass art collector.

Made famous by the Hollywood movie "Sweet Home, Alabama," fulgurites are among the best of nature's creations!

The size of Yeti is 2 7/8" X 1 3/8" W X 1 1/2" D"; Weight: 39.5 grams. Location found: Tasmania.

Ships with protective case, Certificate of Authenticity, information about fulgurite lightning sand, tag and tag stand, acrylic base with artist tack for positioning. Photo cube not included.

Buy one of nature's most wondrous creations, and give the gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Only one like it in the world!

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