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Fulgurite Vase Fabric Miniature Sunflower

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This charming miniature sunflower with leaf has been secured into one of nature's most amazing geological wonders, lightning fused sand. Called fulgurites or "fossilized lightning," they are the stuff of Hollywood legends and are a romantic gift or celebration of a great friendship or life. Sunflowers are also one of the principle exports of the Ukraine.

Lightning sand glass fulgurites are created by a bolt of lightning hotter than the surface of the Sun. As the bolt travels through the sand the quartz that makes the sand fuses and what is left is a hollow glass-lined tube called a fulgurite.

Size of the acrylic display with flower: 2" square X 3" H

The sunflower is forever in bloom and the fulgurite is whitish, from New Zealand. It is just the right size to make a visually engaging art tabletop display.

Packed professionally and ships with acrylic base, Certificate of Authenticity, information about fulgurites, and tag.

The Lore, Metaphysical and Folk History of Lightning Sand Promotes: Good Luck, Hope, Success, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Insight, Inspiration, Creativity, Serendipity, and Renewal of Spirit.

Only one like it! Great as a special romantic gift, graduation, birthday, anniversary, or inspirational gift.

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