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Fulgurite Lightning Sand Italy [1888]

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This is a high quality Fulgurite Lightning Sand Glass Tube that is multicolored, from Italy.

Color: Gray to black to white, with a touch of orange. Grade A+++++ Premium Specimen

Beautiful, distinct contrasting colors in this specimen. Very few ever this exceptional. Suitable for private collections or as a wonderful gift!

Fulgurite lightning sand is so awesome - because it was created by one of nature's most powerful events, lightning striking sand! Not only has it been the theme of a romantic Hollywood movie, but the textures and form of this "fossil lightning" can vary in appearance and form, depending on where it is found. Tightly woven sand grains seared on all-natural flowing glass make an indelible impression, as they were melted together by the heat of lightning - hotter then the surface of the sun!

Size: 2 1/4" H X 1" W X 3/4 "D. Dynamic black "ice" interior.

Ships with information, tag, tag stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Protective case included.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand Promotes: love, hope, good luck, success, serendipity, creativity, insight, motivation, enthusiasm, renewal of spirit and great attitude for new beginnings.

The real "Sweet Home, Alabama" authentic fulgurite lighting sand!

Beautiful "Explorer's Map" gift wrap available for gift wrap.

Give the gift that will always be remembered!


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