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Fulgurite Lightning Sand Prometheus

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This fulgurite is named Prometheus, aptly named after the Greek God of fire. Prometheus, in Greek legends, was forbidden to steal fire to give to humanity. In defiance he did so, beginning our ascent to our modern times.

There is not a reaction without an opposite reaction and Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, sentenced him to incredible torment for his disobedience. He was sentenced to be bound to a rock, with an eagle eating his liver daily. The liver would be refurbished overnight, and the cycle began again. He was eventually freed from his torment by Heracles.

The legend of Prometheus works it's way into many different disciplines such as literature, art, music and religion. The continued cycle of humanities daily striving & reaching for things can result in unpredictable long term consequences. Humanities nature is to look for the silver lining in all this, and there is one as Prometheus claims to have taught us about civilization, writing, mathematics, medicine, science and more.

The reason we named this fulgurite "Prometheus" is because mythology is thought-provoking. You can envision the outline of this Greek legend's outstretched arm bound to a rock or cliff, by its shape. There is a lot of imagination involved as with most artsy geological sculptures, but this fulgurite's method of creation makes it a rarity with an interesting story to tell.

Size: 2 7/8" X 2" W X 1 1/2" D, Location: Florida. Predominantly white and gray colors.

Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, information about fulgurites, information about Prometheus, protective case, tag and tag stand, acrylic base, and artist tack for positioning on the base.

Prometheus has been the subject of literature, art, music, opera, ballet and other creative works. This fulgurite would make a great gift for anyone involved in these disciplines. The only gift like it in the world!

This fulgurite is Guaranteed Authentic. It was legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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