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Fulgurite Hula Dancer [1757] Florida

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This fulgurite lightning sand glass tube is a premium specimen from Florida. Its shape reminds us of a "Hula Dancer" with its wavy, curvy arms, frilly-like draped top, and animated appearance. Only a very few fulgurites are found this cool. It is predominantly whitish with a light gray exterior. The interior is naturally lined with smooth glass.

Fulgurites are very special because they are created by one of nature's most impressive displays of power - a lightning bolt striking sand. Visible holes at the top and bottom of this specimen show the path lightning took to weave and fuse sand grains into this spectacular hollow glass tube.

The colors in this fine specimen range from white to gray to black, which is unique. This is the real stuff talked about in Hollywood movies!

Size: 2" H X 3/4" W X 3/4" D; Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, Information about fulgurites, frosted acrylic display base (shown in the video) and jeweler's tack for positioning on the base, protective case, tag, and tag stand. Photo cube not included.

Lore of Fulgurite Lightning Sand Promotes: Good Luck, Success, Enthusiasm, Insight, Positivity, Hope, Creativity, Motivation, Serendipity, Renewal of Spirit, and New Beginnings.

This rare fulgurite makes a delightful gift for an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or any special occasion calling for something truly momentous and memorable.


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