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Fulgurite Lightning Sand - Geode [1157]

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This large specimen of fulgurite lightning sand glass is exceptional. It has great color with gray to white melted sand grains that mixed with the once swirling hot molten glass, now lining the interior. The inside of this fulgurite looks similar to the interior of a geode, that is why we called it this.

Bolts of lightning that strike the Earth are hotter than the surface temperature of the Sun and create these stunning hollow tubes. The front of this fulgurite lightning sand tube is gone and it has revealed a visually stunning work of nature.

Size: 2 1/4" H X 1 3/8" W X 3/4" D; Location found: Florida

Ships in a protective case with information about fulgurite lightning sand, a Certificate of Authenticity, tag shown in the picture and tag stand. Acrylic base with jeweler's tack for positioning on acrylic base is included. Photo cube not included.

Lore of Fulgurite Lightning Sand promotes: good luck, success, enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration, insight, serendipity, creativity, hope, renewal of spirit and a new beginning.

This fulgurite would make a great outstanding achievement award and lifetime achievement gift. Also great for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

This is the "real stuff" portrayed in Hollywood movies. Very few like this one. It would make a spectacular present!

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